Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Update your blogs - or fall off the blogroll of excellence!

Second-year CreComm students:

If the top story on your blog post references Beethoven Blatz, it may be time for an update. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 7 at noon, we'll be deleting from the blogroll any blogs that have been dormant for three weeks or longer (you can see where your blog is at on the right of this page).

In some of the majors, a regularly updated blog is a requirement to pass. If you have a new blog that isn't reflected on the blogroll, or your blog drops off the list and is later updated, please email the link to Melanie or I, and we'll add it.


  1. The sting of being removed from the Class of 2011 list cuts real deep! *sobs*

  2. If you've updated the blog, just send us the link and we'll reinstate it to its former glory!