Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Volunteer opportunity: Pride Winnipeg Festival

Director of Media & Communications
Pride Winnipeg Festival Inc.

General Overview

The Director of Media & Communications:
  • Writes and distributes all media releases
  • Represents Pride Winnipeg in media interviews
  • Manages relationships with members of the media
  • Manages Pride Winnipeg’s public image by advising and influencing the committee on issues that affect our perception in the media, in the LGBTTQ* community, and in the community at large
  • Oversees the communications team, including the Website Coordinator, the Social Media Coordinator, and the Media & Communications Intern
  • Provides communications support to the Chair and other committee members as required (writing letters, speeches, website content, etc.)

1. News Releases

  • Draft a calendar/schedule of upcoming media releases
  • Draft all news releases (number may vary; seven issued in 2011)
  • Seek approvals, as required
  • Distribute to media using media distribution list saved in Google Mail
  • Manage media distribution list in Google Mail by keeping information up-to-date
  • Be available for media inquiries (“on call”)
  • Coordinate media opportunities with other spokespeople on the committee (the Chair, French speaking member, etc.) if/when possible
  • Share media coverage (articles, photo galleries, website links, etc.) with the rest of the committee

2. Information Packages

  • Provide writing/editing/proofreading services for the following:
o   Sponsorship Package
o   Float Registration Package
o   Vendor Information Package
o   Pride Guide rate card/media kit
o   Green Plan
  • Work closely with Director of Marketing and/or graphic designer to complete the packages
  • Coordinate and communicate the distribution of these packages through our usual channels (website, social media, etc.) – all information packages should be available for download online

3. Pride Guide

  • Act as Editor of the Pride Guide
  • Provide input and guidance to all aspects of the Pride Guide, including but not limited to look and feel, editorial content, advertising sales, printing, and distribution
  • Provide other writing/editing/proofreading services as required
  • Hire freelance writers to produce editorial content on as as-needed basis

4. Issues Management

  • Monitor the mainstream media as well as alternative (social) media channels
  • Be on the lookout for emerging issues
  • Be proactive about bringing any such issues to the attention of the Chair and developing a response/plan of action

5. Communications Team Management

  • Train the Media & Communications Intern and assist with transition planning
  • Work closely with the Website Coordinator to ensure consistent messaging and strategic message delivery
  • Work closely with the Social Media Coordinator to ensure consistent messaging and strategic message delivery

For more information, contact media@pridewinnipeg.com

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