Thursday, April 5, 2012

Summer job opportunity - community relations


Be Tire Smart is looking for two enthusiastic interns to staff a community relations campaign starting early May 2012 until mid-September 2012.  This job is perfect for students returning to school in September.

The Be Tire Smart education campaign was created to raise awareness on how proper tire maintenance positively impacts fuel economy and the environment.

The interns will staff the community vehicle visiting fairs and festivals and educating the public on tire recycling, and answering to the project manager for the campaign.   The vehicle will also be entered into the various parades.

This is geared for a student in a public relations program with strong communications skills.  Possession of a class G driver’s license with a clean driving record is strongly desired. 

Other information:
-         35 hour week
-        Much of the travel/visiting of events are on weekends
-        $15.00 per hour
-        Uniform provided
-        Car provided
-        Some overnight stays in various communities, if an event is two days long
-        Physically able to handle event activities, such as set-up of booth
-        Clean cut, well presented
-        Can handle all vehicle requirements pre and post event
-        Bilingualism is an asset but not a requirement.

Please visit and  for more information on the campaign.

To apply please contact Program Manager:   Carolyn Rickey,

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  1. Festivals and educating the general public on tire utilization, and respondent to the project manager for the campaign.

    tire stewardship